Things Your Donors Won't Tell You 2/10

© The Navigators

© The Navigators

2. I Rarely Hear From You Unless You Need Money

Many missionaries "think" they send four to six mailing per year, but it is usually two or three--or one or two. If I rarely hear from you except when you need money, I feel taken for granted. I know you don't mean to, but it feels that way. 

I am not suggesting you communicate with me 12-18 times per year like some of the other missionaries I support, but here how I'll feel like a valued partner:

  • After my first gift make a big deal. After started supporting a missionary friend nothing happened except I got added to her "Dear Friends" mailing list. Instead, immediately after my first gift, send me a personal note, or call me. Better yet, send a small token to remind me to pray for you--help me feel affirmed for my small act of faith in supporting you.
  • Don't put a pledge card in every mailing. What am I supposed to think? After a while, I ignore them. 
  • Don't include this P.S. prayer request: "Please pray about our finances. We have a gazillion left to go.
  • Send me a personal short note or an email just for me now and then.

I'm not against your inviting me to give again for year-end or for special projects in addition to my regular support. You'll win more of my support if you inspire me about your ministry six times a year.