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Essential tool to help you keep track of your appeals

List 25 people who need to hear your story

Comprehensive Bible Study on biblical fundraising developed for International Gospel Workers

To help coaches be effective in developing Gospel Workers in fundraising

Passages from the Bible relating to money, giving and God’s provision


A Bible Study

Take this stress test and score yourself on each question

Use this worksheet to help you come up with 200-300 names for your mailing list

A worksheet to help you develop your personal giving plan


Where do you stand with God? Helpful document to walk others through the process of accepting Christ

Use this to help you create an accurate personal and ministry budget for approval by your supervisor

Fundraising Bible Study developed by African Gospel Workers

Identify your top national/major funding project

Create your personal phone outline and talking points

A Bible study to help you find your place in the Kingdom


Identify times for Ministry Partner Development on your calendar.