Things Your Donors Won't Tell You 4/10

© The Navigators

© The Navigators

4. I can't find my turnaround slip to give my next gift

If you have a monthly giving partner who has skipped two or three consecutive months what do you do? Assume the donor is unhappy with you? Lost his job?

Usually they have lost their turnaround giving slip. And for whatever reason, they won't tell you. Sometimes they assume Headquarters will remind them with another form.

If you say nothing they will assume you didn't miss their gift. If they truly have those their job and you don't contact them, they are even more discouraged because you "don't care."

You must take initiative when monthly partners skip—maybe not after the first missed month or even the second, but for sure on the third. Call them. Ask if you could have Headquarters send them another turnaround form and envelope. They will thank you. Or better yet, send them your pledge card with your account number and invite them to sign up for Electronic Fund Transfer or recurring credit card on the back.

What to say when you phone? Try, "Is everything okay? You usually are so faithful, but your gift has not come through for the last two months..."

This gives you wonderful opportunity for greater bonding after you've discussed the turnaround form. Who needs a call from you now?