10 Small Ways To Communicate Love To Your Donors!

© The Navigators

© The Navigators

Your giving partners (‘donors’ is not a great word’) are not ATM machines that feed you cash on demand! If you demonstrate care, concern and love they will notice! Here are 10 small acts of love your donors will appreciate. I call them “tremendous trifles.”

  1. Handwrite a personal note on your newsletter. You can’t do this every letter with every person, but do it for 10-20 with each letter. And not a generic, “Hope you are well!” note. Write a sentence or two that shows you know something about them.

  2. Send hard-copy snail mail with your signature hand-signed. I know this goes against our high-tech culture, but I guarantee you, your letter will be opened. You can’t say that about your emails! (You don’t even open all your emails, do you?) Actually, I send both email and snail mail, but email is the frosting, not the cake.

  3. Clip an article out of the paper or forward an article you found online that may be of interest to your friend.

  4. If a giving partner’s name or face come to mind in the morning when you awake, send them a text or phone call within an hour or two. Say, “For some reason, I was thinking of you today. Is everything okay?”

  5. Send birthday cards or anniversary cards to selected donors. Confession—I’m not organized enough to do that except now and then. I know it is good, but you can only do it with a few.

  6. Check in on them after a storm or natural disaster in their area.

  7. If they give monthly without ever missing, send an email or jot a note expressing thanks for their faithfulness.

  8. Ask them for ONE prayer request and pray with them over the phone about it.

  9. Listen to them. Silent pauses are okay. The most exciting conversationalists I know are those who let me talk!

  10. The guaranteed best thing you can do for your donors---let’s save that for another time! What do you think it is?