Fundraising Lessons From Around The World

Timm & Carol Njuguna

Timm & Carol Njuguna

Teamwork Helps—No OYO FR!

The Mombasa Solution is needed!

The Mombasa Kenya Nav team under Timm and Carol Njuguna, gathered Thursday mornings to work on funding—together! Their agenda:

  • Share successes and disappointments on funding since the last meeting

  • Study scriptures and pray

  • Phone prospective donors to set appointments

  • Enjoy lunch together and discuss other ministry business

The results? The Mombasa team was fully funded or moving quickly toward it. Plus, each staff felt part of a ministry that was bigger than their individual work.

But you needn’t have an official team meeting. What can you do so you don’t have to be OYO in your fundraising activities—especially phoning. Ideas from around the world:

  • Chicago—City Director sponsored MNF—not Monday Night Football but Monday Night Foning! The director and his wife provided pizza. After fellowship and food, the staff retired to separate parts of the house to phone for appointments. They met back after a 90 minutes to de-brief. Much enthusiasm and feelings of loneliness disappeared.

  • Africa--Staff ask an understanding friend to pray for them during their “phoning night.” Just knowing someone else is with them is encouraging.

  • Japan—Staff partner with a fellow staff who they phone or meet bi-weekly to discuss fundraising. One said, “Even though I am disciplined, having a partner encourages me. I would not have done much without his partnership.”

Okay, so what can you do to avoid OYO Fundraising? Who could you ask to be your prayer-partner once a week for 90 minutes? What other staff (or two) can you team up with for the next four weeks to work on funding for a few hours?

Your friends are willing to be your partner in the ministry of fundraising! Are you willing to receive their help?