Do the Small Things of Fundraising Discourage You?

This week I received a note saying:

“I feel charged after a funding appointment, love it. BUT the management of database, emailing, texting, phone calling to get one appointment, drains me.”

Our friend is not alone. Many gospel-workers long to accomplish big things, but little administrative things kill their joy. I get it. That’s when Zechariah 4:10 helps me:

“Do not despise the day of small things.”

In Zechariah’s day, the Children of Israel were joyfully returning from Babylon to Jerusalem after 70 years’ captivity. God’s promise to bring them back was coming true, but they wept with disappointment—the glorious temple of King David had been destroyed and the new one being built was much smaller and much less glorious.

But Zechariah reminds them, “Do not despise the day of small things.” The temple may be small now, but don’t despair.

Similarly, fundraising requires “small things.” These small things are just as important as the big things of proclaiming vision, preaching a sermon or prayerfully making the decision to build a new facility.

Is it possible that we resent “small things” in fundraising because we are squandering our emotional capacity? For example, many gospel-workers do not have gifted administrative assistants. These conscientious leaders wear themselves out doing their own admin. When it is time for fundraising, they resent the small things of finding phone numbers, leaving messages, texting and te-texting just to connect with potential giving partners. It wears them out.

When our days are spent doing admin details in other arenas of ministry, we end up exasperated and tired with no capacity for the small details of fundraising.

Fundraising is not the problem—you need administrative help! Why not take a moment right now to ask God to bring you the admin help you need? Could a friend from your church volunteer four hours per week? Could you hire a gifted admin home-maker to handle your newsletters? Start with a small thing.

Let’s celebrate Zechariah’s reminder. Small things now; big things later. Don’t despair!