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Straight Line or Circle?

Guest Blog written by Myles Wilson

I spent a week recently with a mission organization in South Africa whose staff come from backgrounds ranging from economically deprived to comfortable middle class.  They wanted to explore examples in scripture where people were supported in God’s Kingdom work so that they could build funding models consistent with these principles.

One question that came up with was Should we use a straight line or a circle?

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Fundraising in a Bad Economy!

What if you live in a country where the economy is going downhill? Can you still fundraise while your countrymen suffer?

During economic downturns I am tempted to:

  • Freeze in fear and hope things will improve
  • Hide finances from my spouse. “Everything is fine.”
  • Eat chocolate ice cream out of the carton(s) late at night
  • Blame the other political party

Instead, how about taking three action steps?

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