What the Bible Actually Says About Money

31 Meditations

Does God Want You to be Wealthy?

It is said the Bible contains over 2000 verses about money, but it is unlikely most of us will master all 2000—let’s start with 31.

Most people have strong opinions about money, but let's admit our opinions originate from parents, church or our common sense. Rarely do we study Bible verses on money. For your spiritual growth, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes each day for a month and discover first-hand what the Bible actually teaches about money. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

Chapter title samples:

  • Giving: How Much Is Enough?

  • Was Jesus Poor? Was Jesus Rich?

  • What Jesus Taught About Tithing

  • Enjoy Your Wealth! Really?

  • Overly Conscientious Giving

What the Bible actually says about money is often obscured by traditions, fads and formulas whose moorings to the Bible are convoluted or wispy or ignored. Here is your opportunity to listen to the Lord about this emotional subject that weaves in and out of our minds daily. This book is not a diatribe exhorting you to give more. The purpose is to provide you with quiet opportunities to reflect on 31 classic Scriptures and draw your own conclusions.



"31 Meditations gives biblical answers to the financial questions no one talks about. Scott
Morton brings fresh insight to scriptures I've read dozens of times."

-Colorado Ministry Practitioner

“Pastors often fear talking about money. Morton uses the Bible’s historical background to explode

myths that strangle our freedom to talk about financial matters. I wish I’d read these reflections 30 years ago!”

-Pastor, Cedar Rapids, Iowa