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In Blindspots, we'll explore...

  • You: Blind spots in your personal outlook
  • Your Team: Blind spots as you lead others
  • Your Strategies: Blind spots in your fundraising practices
  • Your Organization: Blind spots in your organizational structure and systems

The blind cannot lead the blind

As state director for The Navigators, I was raising my personal ministry budget well enough, but my staff and interns were barely getting by. Through they never said a word about it, they struggled to raise enough money to come to regional meetings or fund the inevitable family emergencies.

I had unintentionally created an "every staff for himself or herself" mentality. I was so blind, I didn't even help my Regional Administrative Assistant, who struggled (with tears) to fund her position. It turns out, I had two blind spots: I thought my staff could figure out their funding without my interest or participation, and that I wouldn't need additional money beyond my personal ministry budget. 

Blindspots is full of stories of fundraising frustrations in leadership from my life and from the lives of leaders around the world who have had missteps, successes, and hard lessons learned. I'll also walk through six stories of leaders in the Bible who have guided me along the way. I pray that this book will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes, lead your staff well in funding, and embrace your role in leading you staff.



    "Blind spots indeed. Many years ago, as a young leader, I was tasked with supervising a self-support missionary, and I had a little understanding of the whole funding process. This book would have been a godsend in those days, and today I am certain it will be an invaluable tool for non-profit leaders who lead self-support staff.

    -John Gilberts, Chief of Staff and Director of Global Partnerships, Greater Europe Mission

    Blindspots is definitely going to bless any serious ministry leader.

    -Emeka Ohahuru, City Director, The Navigators, Lagos, Nigeria

    Blindspots is a biblically-based, must-read for all ministry leaders engaged in fundraising. Scott Morton provides a wealth of practical principles, steps, and ideas for leading others through the challenges of funding your ministry.

    -Dave Blomberg, Director and Ministry Partnership of Mission Aviation Fellowship