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Should I mention an amount or range for my donor prospects to consider? Or is that too pushy?

99% of the time you should suggest an amount or a range.  A friend in Wisconsin told me, “Scott, tell the missionaries to give me some idea of what they want me to do.  I can’t read their minds!”

Without suggesting an amount or range donors can only guess at what you want him or her to pray about.  And most likely, their commitment will be lower than you were hoping.  But have a rationale for what you are asking, don’t just pick a number out of the air.

What if I don’t have enough contacts?

Most people, even from non-believing backgrounds, have more than they think.  Here is the key question:

“Who do I know who would be willing to hear my story?”

Notice that I didn’t say, “Who do I know that is willing to support my ministry?"  Or worse yet, “Who wants to give to me?”  When I ask those questions I can’t think of anybody!

Start with brainstorming all the names you know and don’t worry about whether or not you have their addresses.  Just “put ‘em down!”  You can find addresses later.  How about your Facebook friends?  That’s a good start.

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