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What if someone says they will give but never do?

If you ignore it your “giving friend” will think you didn’t notice or didn’t need the money after all.  Letting it go is not an option!

Try language like this:

“Bob, I want to thank you for your promise to support our work with $50 per month.  But I notice that your first gift has not come in to our ministry headquarters yet…or am I missing something?

How can I serve you?  Shall I come pick your first check up…maybe we could have a little breakfast together and I’ll take it to the office right away.  What is best for you?

The reason I am so persistent on this is that I am not allowed to launch my ministry until I am fully subscribed.  This is a serious matter.”

If the donor seems to want to backtrack on his commitment: 

“How do you feel about this, Bob?  Is God in it?  I don’t want to pressure you because of 2 Cor 9:7 (quote it).  But it seemed like you were quite sure you wanted to support us….”