Do blogs really work to keep people informed of your ministry? If so, what's the best way?


Blogs allow your readers to comment and interact with you. It's let formal than a website and your readers can stay informed of the updates via RSS feed (

Update often; let your followers hear personal stories about what is going in your ministry. Keep the postings shorter and add pictures to create a deeper level of connection with your readers. 

Keep your blog simple, clean, and easy to read. Don't overpower your readers with too many graphics and a distracting background. 

Should I ever strongly suggest support raisers to use or not use social media?

I would never strongly suggest that support raisers use Social Media. 

Social Media isn't a miracle cure. It might take sometime before a person's Social Media investment pays off... it might never pay off.  It's not a "one size fits all"; do what is right for you. Keep trying different methods.

It's just one tool: Don't over-invest. Don't neglect conventional media--you might leave our core supporters. Don't under-invest either.