What's Better Than 10 Emails?

Today on Skype, Deodaat from The Netherlands told about a meeting with a monthly giving partner who has faithfully supported him for two years. Deodaat invited his friend to his home, not to make an appeal, but simply to sit outside by the fire pit and talk. Deodaat said, “He had committed for two years, but I wasn’t sure if he was going to continue his support.” How would the meeting go?

"This meeting tonight was better than 10 newsletters!"

They talked about career and family. Soon Deodaat shared his heart about his ministry successes and challenges—an unhurried vulnerable conversation.
Then Deodaat asked what he had in mind about continuing support. His friend said there was “no end planned for their partnership!”
Furthermore, when his friend prepared to leave for the 60-minute drive home, he said, “This meeting tonight was better than 10 newsletters!”
Yes, Deodaat sends high-quality newsletters via email and hard copy. But he was blown away by his friend’s comment—and so am I!
This speaks to me about taking time to “just be” with my giving partners—without an agenda! There’s nothing wrong with having a goal for a meeting, but God spoke to me today that I over-do it. I will probably bring an agenda to my own funeral!

Scott MortonComment