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New Staff's Answer to the "Real Job" Obstacle

Mr. X: “You are being brainwashed. You are not a real missionary. Real missionaries come from the West.”

These were remarks from my former employer when I asked him to consider joining my MPD (Ministry Partner Development) team. His words hit me hard. I couldn’t speak. I cringed in my seat as I absorbed what he said about my decision to join the GAP (Graduate Apprenticeship Programme).

Mr. X wasn’t finished...

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Grandma's Silo

What did your parents teach you about saving Money? This was the first question in a bible study with one of my mentors. 

As I pondered this question I realized that my parents never taught me about saving money—at least I don’t recall. My parents divorced, but even after my mother remarried I do not remember her or my stepfather talking to me about saving money. I also lived with one of my uncles who was a teacher, but I do not remember conversations on saving money. What I remember is how he seemed overwhelmed by financial needs.

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