Things Your Donors Won't Tell You 6/10

© The Navigators

© The Navigators

6. If I am invited to support other projects I will not drop you

Most fundraisers assume that if "my" giving partners are invited to support additional missionaries or, God forbid, some project, they will cut back on their support of them. Not true.

However, if your connection to your donor is weak and they rarely hear from you, that donor is going to leave you sooner of later for greener pastures. But they do not leave simply because another Missionary or staff invited them.

Fundraising author, Jerry Panas, reminded us that in tough economic times donors do not stop giving but actually give more. However, they are more selective to where they give. If you are #8 on a donor's hit parade you will likely be dropped. That means now is the time to bond with giving partners even more. Now is the time to be in their homes and on the phone with them.

We have found that those giving partners who support both staff and corporate projects give two to three times as much overall to the organization as those who support staff only or even multiple staff. They won't drop you just because they get invited to five to something else.

Of course there's the big assumption here: All "my" donors are God's donors. Aren't they?