Seven Words To Find New Ministry Partners

© The Navigators

© The Navigators

What seven words will bring you new ministry partners? How about:

  • Help me. I have a big need!

  • Please pray about our personal financial support!

  • Please send big money. I’ll explain later!

No, the words I’m thinking of do not address donors. Instead, they point heavenward. Jesus said them (Matt. 6:11):

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

Jesus’ words remind us to look first to God for financial ministry partners—second to people.

Jesus was the one person who did not need to pray for God to supply His need: soon He would multiply bread and fish for 5,000 people, and He had already turned water into wine at Cana. Yet even He relied on God for provision. Really, Jesus’ prayer is for us—a model upon which we can strongly stand. This prayer is where your ministry partner development (MPD) starts—praying for your daily bread.

I have written out these seven words in my prayer journal and have made it a habit to repeat them to the Lord then to pray over my Top 10 List by name every day—and I put an amount beside each name! Often when I phone these Top 10 people, they say, “Scott, it’s funny you should call. We were thinking of you yesterday!”

Not funny, just miraculous. Finding new partners is spiritual ministry. Try praying Jesus’ seven words every day—and watch for the miraculous in your own MPD.