1,000 Words

© The Navigators

© The Navigators

Last week a giving-partner, Gary, wrote to say he “reads every one of our newsletters.” Realizing that I do not read “every one” of the ministry newsletters I receive, I asked him why he takes his valuable time to read my newsletters.  In his own words:

1.  PICTURES—Worth a 1000 words

  • renews our relationship just by seeing your face

  • brings back memories

  • seeing other faces helps me to know the people-context you minister in

  • good captions under the photos explain what's going on.

2.  SHORT-READABLE-TO-THE-POINT—There's enough white space to make it readable. 

3.  VISION-PASSION—Our world needs God's passion. Your heart and enthusiasm show through what you do.

4.  AUTHENTIC-TRANSPARENT—You're honest in sharing your struggles and fears.

There you have it!

Photo of yourself in every letter? Yes! If they are photos of you in ministry action and not just a professional portrait!

Many missionaries tell me are reluctant to “advertise themselves” because they feel it smacks of arrogance. But look at Gary’s comment—it brings back memories! Photos of you in action create an emotional relationship across the miles. Your goal is to bond with your giving partners—they like seeing your face. It is not about you. It brings back memories!