Don't Be Silent About Your Fundraising


Leaders, you do a dis-service to the staff you lead when you don’t talk about fundraising. Perhaps you are well funded, and perhaps you execute wise fundraising plans. But your followers are not well funded, and they feel guilty if they even think about taking time to do fundraising.

Why? Because they never hear you talk about fundraising. They never hear you share war-stories of your fundraising appeals. They assume your money arrives via a magic carpet! Or that you are such a person of faith that money from Heaven falls into your lap while you pray.

But you are doing fundraising! And your staff needs to know exactly what you do to raise money. Merely telling them you are “trusting God” will not help! Give them details of your action steps they can do it too.

Some ministry leaders pride themselves by “never talking about money!” That is un-like Jesus or Paul or Moses or Nehemiah or Joash or Hezekiah or David! These leaders went public about their fundraising values and practices! And you must too.

When your staff hears you describe your funding successes and failures, it gives them permission to spend time at fundraising. But if you are silent, they assume they should not spend time in funding. They conclude they will never succeed.

Share not merely your bible studies with your people. Share in detail about how you raise funds, and your staff followers will bless you. Remove the mystery. The Apostle Paul said it well in 2 Timothy 3:10-11:

 “But you have followed (‘fully known’ King James Version) my teaching, conduct, purpose, faith, patience, love, perseverance, persecutions and sufferings…”

Paul shared his teaching and his conduct! It was “fully known” by his followers. Share your funding conduct (the good and the bad) with your team and they will no longer be perplexed about the mystery of funding.