Share Your Donors? Never?

© The Navigators

© The Navigators

Do you fear sharing “your donors” with your ministry organization? Won’t the organization steal them?

Here is a refreshing story about the YWAM El Paso-Juarez, Mexico ministry. The staff were struggling to raise the remaining $1,200,000 for a new Children’s Home to rescue kids off the street. What to do? As a start, I suggested they invite their personal donors to give toward the Children’s Home Project.

Oops! The YWAM staff stared at me as if I’d suggested they give away Fluffy the Cat. “Share our donors?” Their squinty eyes told me this was not well-received!

Months later, YWAM staff “Jerry” sent his response to my crazy idea:

I have always been hesitant to share our current monthly donors, but I decided in the training with Scott to stretch myself and go for it.

A few weeks later I went to Amarillo and met with a few monthly partners including Mr. and Mrs. X. At the appointment I thanked them for their support of us, and by faith I invited them to support the Children’s Home. They had a few questions but not many. They said they would look over the information and see if they would be able to help. After coming home, I soon forgot about it.

Six months later I received a phone call from Mr. X and Mrs. X. They had just received some unexpected income and felt the Lord had told them to give it toward the Children’s Home. They would be sending $100,000!

And guess what—they still support us monthly! I wanted to let you know about this testimony as it was very encouraging for me.

Wow! What a big God we serve.

Your organization has much bigger projects than you do. Why not let your giving partners know? Not all will respond, but some will, and some will do “above and beyond all you could ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20).

Who owns your donors? Not you, even if they are close friends. Nor does your organization own them. All donors are God’s donors! Let’s let Him lead and guide them without our “helicoptering” like a first-time mom with a three-year-old at Chuck E Cheese.

Are you in ministry only for your personal contribution or for the advance of the Kingdom? If Jerry had not invited Mr. and Mrs. X to give would they have given their windfall to the Children’s Home? No. And they might have not given at all.

Everyone won! Mr. and Mrs. X were blessed to give, Jerry was blessed to be used by God, the Children’s Home can continue construction, orphans will be rescued by that home for the next 50 years, and God will be honored. Generosity advances the Kingdom and produces “thanksgiving to God” (2 Corinthians 9:11).

Release your donors!