Two Things Your Giving Partners Want to Know

© The Navigators. Do not use without permission.

© The Navigators. Do not use without permission.

As you get deeper into ministry, your mind becomes occupied with a wider variety of topics—in addition to grassroots ministry. For example, today you are thinking about the complicated campus meeting-room policies, how to re-structure your Bible study leaders’ group, and a professional development seminar next month—all important issues flooding your mind.

Like gravy bubbling over on a hot stove, we write about what oozes out of our mind

This is especially perilous for leaders who deal daily with how to structure their staff or how to help an unhappy co-worker realize she needs to return to her old job at the bank. These pressing issues occupy our minds 22½/7.

And now, in the midst of another busy week, it is time to write your giving partners. What to say?

Like gravy bubbling over on a hot stove, we write about what oozes out of our mind— organizational changes coming up or meetings we attended since we last wrote. We are sincere and our words are interesting—to us, to our supervisor and maybe to our Mom, but not to our giving and praying partners.

Your giving partners want to know two things:

  1. Is anyone coming to Christ?

  2. Is anyone growing in Christ (are lives being changed)?

Sadly, many missionary newsletters today are filled with descriptions of activities, conferences attended or projects worked on—okay, but can you also answer the two questions?

What if no one is coming to Christ? Tell about someone who is not coming to Christ. Or describe someone who is a believer but whose life is notbeing changed—what obstacles is this person facing? Tell how you feel about this discouraging situation. Your readers’ hearts and prayers will go out to you even more!

(Of course, disguise the names or get permission from those you write about.)

Review your letters from the past 12 months? How many grassroots stories with someone coming to Christ or growing in Christ (or not)?

Do you want your letters to be well-received? Answer the two questions readers want to know. These stories happen in your ministry every week—they are already in front of you. Tell us about one of them!