Diary and Confessions of a Donor Ministry Trip--Day One

Made it to Baltimore okay but left late and arrived late. I noticed again that the favorite topic of conversation among air travelers is complaining about air travel--late arrivals, poor food, cramped seats, etc. A few years ago I decided not to join in on these conversations. I'm just glad to arrive safely in a few hours as opposed to a few days!

I finally heard from the $15 guy. He was very nice and apologized that he had been out of town. Said he is busy with family coming in this week and wouldn't be able to see me. However, he said that he wanted to increase his support from $15 per month to $25. 

I confess I was disappointed! He is a dentist making great money and has been at this $15 level for over 10 years. I wanted to ask him to put another zero on his monthly support to $200! But it is not to be. He said he would start next month.

I am trying not to be torqued off or bitter at this guy. I was truly expecting a huge increase. After all, he's a dentist! Making tons of money! He missed the will of God!

This is why I am not allowed to run the universe! I know he walks with God and I am guessing he is sacrificially generous to his church or other ministries. God forgive me for my judgmental attitude.

Tomorrow I meet with a couple of staff to discuss their funding. Eager to see them!

Studied Exodus 25:1-8 in preparation--the true identity and job description of a fundraiser!