Diary and Confessions of a Donor Ministry Trip---Day Two

Spent the day coaching two staff couples in their fundraising.  Here is what seemed to connect:

  • Bible study entitled “Four Money-words Ministry Workers Must Know Well!” Do you know them? B—, S—, B—, T—. Good discussion and good laughing over the question, “What did Paul the Apostle teach about tithing?” Highlight for me was the wives actively and energetically participating!
  • We reviewed their Three-Year Tracking Reports which revealed both staff significantly increased the number of giving partners a year ago but stalled in 2012. Both admitted they do not send a December 1 cash project letter to their entire mailing list. Accordingly, their DEC-JAN income was disappointing. I told them that DEC-JAN total should be three times their monthly budget or they will be in trouble at end of fiscal year August 31.
  • Went downtown to meet a business guy “Joe” for a fundraising appointment over lunch with “Bob” Staff. Joe texted saying he got pulled into a meeting and would not meet us until 1:15 and he would skip lunch (typical for busy business guys). He finally met us and only had 25 minutes. Fine. Got acquainted. Heard his spiritual journey. Then he launched into an emotional 20-minute lecture on “believing God.” Both Bob and I were exhausted—felt like we were being talked down to. Then Bob noted the time and gave Joe the fundraising brochure, told a little about his ministry and presented the pledge card. Joe said firmly, “What are you asking me to do?”

Bob drew three circles on a napkin and pointed to the middle one with the words “$3000-5000” annually. I was proud of him. He didn’t even blink.

After the meeting Bob was discouraged because Joe’s agenda seemed to be delivering a lecture rather than seriously considering Bob’s ministry appeal. “But he took the card,” I said, “and he said he would talk to his wife.”

Long day. I fell into bed at 11 p.m. Found a 5-inch tiny black snake in my bathroom. Makes the mind wander.