Diary and Confessions of a Donor Ministry Trip---Day Four

Moving fast! Four meetings yesterday. Spent the morning with a staff-member (where I stayed overnight). We sat at his kitchen table for an hour sharing what God has been saying to us from the bible and talking about the deaths of our dads. Then a time of prayer. Saw a Tufted Titmouse and Carolina Chickadee out the kitchen window. 

Then three meetings with giving partners at 1, 3 and 5 p.m. Google map work done ahead of time got me to each place on time and without violating traffic laws!

  • Most of the 1 p.m. meeting was taken up with the two of us explaining how we met Christ. Authentic meaningful sharing. Fish tacos good too. Late last night he texted to thank me for treating him to lunch and the talking.
  • The 3 p.m. guy said, “My wife said I should bring my checkbook!” He is sympathetic to our ministry, having given his first gift six months ago. I said, “This is not a fundraising meeting. This is a ‘thank you’ meeting!” He smiled. Eager to hear about my work. Older guy. Didn’t talk about himself.
  • The Nav alumni I was concerned about? Met her for a  5 p.m. supper. I didn’t know what to expect since we had not spoken or written in over 20 years. None of her old friends had heard from here either. I was prepared for the worst. Was she still walking with God?

Yes, she is! We had a great supper with her two teenage kids and she spoke warmly about her days in The Navigators.  I asked if The Navs had anything to apologize to her for. Absolutely not. But she appreciated the question and felt free to explain a “suffocating situation” during her first year out of college. She seemed grateful I was sympathetic.
Why hadn’t anyone heard from her? “I’m not a very good communicator!” she said. And she is busy as a doctor.
Just finished a 7 a.m. breakfast with an annual partner and now heading out for a five-hour drive south to stay overnight with an anchor partner family. Might stop at a rest area to look for the migrating fall warblers in obedience to Jesus’ exhortation in Matthew 6 to “observe the birds!”