Diary and Confessions of a Donor Ministry Trip---Day Five

Somewhere in the Carolina back-roads

Somewhere in the Carolina back-roads

Yesterday’s 7 a.m. breakfast was with a periodic, sporadic giving partner who gives when he receives lawyer settlements. He also owns four homes. I said, “You mean you have four mortgages!” Right. So no monthly! But his heart is with us, and he will continue to give periodically as the Lord leads. I have no doubt he will and told him so. He quoted 1 John 5:11,12 during breakfast and said he reviews the TMS during his daily walks—a guy touched deeply by Navpress more than an individual Navigator.

I said I would send a reminder letter and pledge card at the 11th month anniversary of his last gift. That was fine.

Enjoyed driving cross country for five hours. Took back-roads just for the fun of it. Therapeutic for me. Listened to grand old hymns and Led Zeppelin radio stations part of the time. Bought a small pumpkin for my host last night. The big ones weighed 80 pounds.

Spent a nice evening with an anchor donor. Listened to them describe a “hard year.” Kids, health, work. Went with them to a birthday party of a couple on our mailing list,  but I barely know having met them only once years ago. Connected with another guy at the party whom I invited to join our mailing list—yes, of course.

Found out a few hours ago I will need to cut my trip short by a day to drive to Tennessee for a funeral of a friend’s mother. It is only six hours from my last appointment, and I need to be there. What miraculous timing. Thanks to the Lord. And thanks for Mrs. G’s life on earth as well.

To bed.