Diary and Confessions of a Donor Ministry Trip--Day Six

Nearly ripe cotton field near giving partner's house

Nearly ripe cotton field near giving partner's house

Took a risk this morning and asked my gracious but busy host if he would like to have a quiet time before the kids were up. Yes and his wife joined us too. Wonderful time. Recommend it!

Forgot to mention earlier a giving partner said he was cutting down the number of missions he was supporting and doing more for a few. Said he would match what he did last year and probably more! 

Enjoyed a long drive to my 1:00 p.m. appointment with P. His wife jumped ship from him four years ago. It has been painful. Three kids but he is not allowing himself to be morbid or bitter. Listened mostly.

A couple times on the trip during a lull in conversation I have said, "Okay, change of subject! Let's look at some ministry action photos!" Then I pull out half a dozen photos and tell a story about each one, but I move to the next photo before interest is lost. Usually my partners ask a few questions at that point. 

Touched this morning when my host said, " Scott, your visit to us today is of the lord."

Thank you, Heavenly Father! I depart early tomorrow for the unexpected funeral. I have no suit and necktie, but I will go as I am. 1250 miles on car so far.